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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

God's of the future.

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Hi everyone

I could not decide how to begin but I thought I will start anyway, my
wife and I have reached the age of 58 don't believe that we are here,
but there you are,

I have always thought that here in the UK we had a democracy and
something to fight and die for, and that is why I join the RAF when I
was 20 only to find out at 58 that all this democracy and British
Justice was a figment of my imagination because it does not exist.

So all I can say is thank God there wasn't a War on at the time because
I could have been killed and for something that did not exist except in
my imagination, unless it had always been corrupted but the Internet is
exposing the truth and hopefully making it harder for these lowlifes to
exist amongst us who strive for justice.

But ignorance does not see the need for justice, but only an obstacle
in the immature mentality, which cannot foresee its implication.

Now that I have started I will try to explain why I am here, we were
involved in a horrific accident by just walking down the aisle doing
our weekly shopping, when 4 washing machines fell, 2 of which fell from
30ft hitting my wife and causing severe injuries, but that is not all,
it also took away all the belief I had in my fellow man, authorities
that I have funded since I left school and never had the need to ever
use them, but now they have turned against us lying and cheating
covering up the truth denying us proper treatment just to fabricate the
extent of our injuries just to save the insurers money.

What have we done to these people who are supposed to protect our
rights, whom we have been funding since we started work, they have
finally shown there true colours and there true positions where they
stand and it is certainly against us, this is the police, local
authority "health and safety officers" and even some of the NHS
consultants involved, have all collaborated against us, my wife's
doctor, the 2 solicitors that we had employed in good faith had become
nothing but conniving little arseholes that were willing to risk my
wife's life, to lick the arse of the insurers and the large corporate
involved, all trying to protect these new God's of the future.




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